Five Easy Meatloaf Recipes

Meatloaf is an easy , main dish. There are many different recipes you can try to see which your family enjoys most. I have included five different recipes for you to try. You can make meatloaf with ground beef or ground turkey. Ground turkey is a healthier, alternative to Ingredients to make slime ground beef. Meatloaf is also a great way to use ground meat you pick up on sale. Several meatloaves can be made at one time. You can freeze them either before or after they are baked.

To bake a frozen, uncooked meatloaf, bake at degrees for approximately hours do not thaw out first. To bake a frozen, cooked meatloaf, bake at degrees for hour. Cool completely before freezing. Basic Meatloaf Recipe lb. lean ground beef slices bread large egg c. milk c.

onion, chopped tsp. salt tsp. dry mustard tsp. pepper tsp. sage tsp. garlic powder c. OR sauce OR chili sauce tbsp. Worcestershire sauce Heat the oven to degrees F. Mix all the ingredients except the together. Spread the meat mixture into an loaf pan, x x inches or shape into a loaf in an baking pan.

Spoon onto the loaf and bake, uncovered, for to hours or until done. Drain off the excess fat and serve sliced on a heated platter. Olive Meatloaf lbs. lean ground beef c. chopped onions clove garlic, crushed bacon slices, halved tsp. pepper tsp. each basil, oregano and salt can oz.

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