Delight Throb 11 Inches Silicone Anal Beads

Go Deep and Wild with Our Throb 11 Inches Silicone Anal Beads
? Made from medical grade and safe silicone
? Non-porous and luxurious
? Offers maximum pleasure and stimulation
The constant movement of theses silicone anal beads will give you a flash. They slide down inside you or your partner massaging them internally and make them needy for sex. They are made of body safe silicone material which is easy to maintain making them a perfect accessory for adventurous anal play. Tug them gently during sex or masturbation and experience the outstanding experience.
It has a delight throb texture with a finger loop that allows you to move the beads just how you like them and prevents too deep penetration. It is also made up of a beaded shaft that has five silicone beads. With each bead is an extra stimulation Plus Size Sexy Nightwear and you sure to enjoy every bit of it. With these beads, it’s recommendable to be generous with water based lube during play due to their texture and for maximum stimulation.
This toy has an overall length of 11 inches 8 of which are insertable. Its diameter is approximately 22 mm with each bead having a circumference of 1.75 inches. For beginners, this toy will definitely prepare you for wild anal sex.
Our Delight Throb 11 Inches Silicone Anal Beads has smooth, tantalizing ridges and bumps that help stimulate you till climax. You can use the toy during your masturbation sessions or with your partner but either way you in for a mind-blowing ecstasy.
It is a unisex toy hence either gender can use it. Add this toy to your pleasure box, and your ass will thank for it. After every use, clean the toy in warm soapy water or use your preferable toy cleaner and ensure to dry it completely before storage.
These beads are also extremely easy to keep clean, so you’ll always be ready for more fun. The odorless silicone material is medical-grade and highly durable. Use a water-based lubricant of choice and indulge in some real ass play. Comfort and pleasure were on the minds of the designers when they engineered this alternating graduated bead system.

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